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What is Turn Key Senior Transitions all about?

Turn Key Senior Transitions & Design focuses on the needs and concerns of seniors and their families as they transition lifestyles. We are your "Onsite Advocate" working compassionately to keep your family's best interest at heart. As seniors face life changing events such as failing health, loss of a spouse or want to retire to an independent or assisted living residence we are here to help. We synchronize the move to provide the client with the support needed to create a stress-less transition.Each client is unique. Our services are tailored to address the needs of the individual. The day of "move in" your furniture is placed, your bed is made, your pictures are hung, your refrigerator is stocked, & your boxes are unpacked. It's a TURN KEY experience!

Licensed & Insured 

Certified Member of NASMM

(National Association of Senior Move Managers)

Services include but are not limited to:

* Scheduling Movers - Turn Key trained professional movers at

* Downsizing

* Packing, Moving, & Unpacking

* Sorting & Organizing

* Customized floor plan for new residence

* Disposing of unneeded/unwanted items

* Hanging pictures

* Arranging for items to be sent out of state

* Arranging for furniture to go to consignment and/or charity shops

* Creating a "TURN KEY" ready new residence. 

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